The powerful magnets placed inside the external ring create a magnetic field able to block the ferrous particles in the fluid. The fluid then flows through the stainless steel filtering mesh; The mesh retains the remaining particles and lets them deposit on the bottom of the filter, ready for release by the drain valve.
Tiemme Magnetic Filter
TM-MAG is the optimal solution for protecting boilers against ferrous and non-ferrous debris in domestic systems. It is installed on the return circuit, at boiler inlet, and, thanks to its versatility, can also be installed in limited-space applications;TM-MAG can be installed in many different configurations without ever losing its boiler protecting efficiency.
The design of the TM-MAG magnetic filter has focused not only on the efficiency of capturing the particles but also on the production of an easy-to-clean product. In only a few simple steps and with no complicated downtimes, the filter’s functionalities can be fully restored.

Tiemme Magnetic Filter
Tiemme Magnetic Filter
Tiemme Magnetic FilterTiemme Magnetic Filter

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