The 18th international exhibition of Heating and Cooling Systems and HVAC 

held from 21 to 24 October at permanent exhibiton of Tehran.


Based on the arrangements between Chamran University and Superpex Co., a workshop about modern HVAC solutions was held in this University in Rasht on Dec. 4, 2017.

The 16th International Exhibition of heating and Cooling Systems and HVAC with the participation of Iranian and foreign companies from 3 to 6 November 2017 was held at the permanent exhibition of Tehran. Like last years, SuperPex Company unveiled its new products at the exhibition.
حضور پر رنگ سوپرپکس در شانزدهمین نمایشگاه تاسیسات تهران

Superpex unveiled Road Show project; a mobile exhibition for superpex products. The Road Show is designed to enhance the knowledge of engineers and plumbers across Iran.
Superpex Road Show Project

The powerful magnets placed inside the external ring create a magnetic field able to block the ferrous particles in the fluid. The fluid then flows through the stainless steel filtering mesh; The mesh retains the remaining particles and lets them deposit on the bottom of the filter, ready for release by the drain valve.
Tiemme Magnetic Filter

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تمامی حقوق این سایت متعلق به شرکت Superpex میباشد.

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